Family Pets Family Pets Ruby the Cavoodle Ruby was born 9 June 2005 and we got her when she was 6 weeks old. 46352644 Dusty Dusty is now almost 7 years old. 46352645 Misty the Silky Terrier Misty was born 9 November 1995 and despite being quite hard of hearing and her eyesight deteriorating she stays in excellent health and enjoys life. 46352646 Spook He started out as 'Smokey' but his new name suits him better. He is about 8 years old and is actually Tasha's cat. 46353221 Fifi and Lulu Our silky bantams, now sadly passed away but we had them for 10 years. 46353222 Iago One of our four cockatiels. 46353223 Baby Dusty 46353224 Baby Ruby 46353225 Nemo and Elmo 46353226 Ruby celebrating Christmas 46353227 Out for a walk 46353228 Ruby at the beach Ruby loves the water. Watch the video! 46353229 A young Misty 46353230