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All the wallabies I have taken care of have either been  Red Neck Wallabies or Swamp Wallabies. Generally they are easier to raise than Eastern Grey Kangaroos and happily adapt to life in care.  They are less likely to stress than kangaroos although there are exceptions.


Satika and Byron

Satika was about 400 grams when I got her in May 2002 - she had been with another carer for a couple of weeks.  She had a little fur and was a bright little thing.  She settled in happily and progressed normally and was released at Jimboomba when she was about 6 kilos.  She returned regularly to the release site and to our knowledge she has had two babies to date which is satisfying for us.  She is easily identifiable as she has a scar on her nose which she acquired when another wallaby scratched her.


 Byron was one of my 2003 babies and although he was only 400 grams and unfurred when he came in, after his mother was found dead on the road, he made steady progress.  He gained about 400 grams in the month he was with me and grew a little fur.  Unfortunately, one night, he had a fit and died a couple of hours later.  It is always a shock when something like that happens and you tend to blame yourself for maybe missing some sign that all was not well with him.



Roghan was a redneck wallaby and weighed just under a kilo when he came into care and he was lucky to have the company of Galen, the wallaroo.  They were great mates and spent their time together right up till they were ready to move on to the next stage of their rehabilitation.  Unfortunately at this time they had to be split up as Galen had to go out to the west of the state to be with other wallaroos.  However Roghan wasn't on his own and he joined two or three other wallabies in the pre release pen.




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